Meet Seth Sarmiento: After-Hours Lead Consultant @ Centre

There are a lot of important teams at Centre Technologies, but our after-hours teams often shine the brightest when it comes to providing top-tier service. To prove just how amazing they are, we're excited to showcase Seth Sarmiento, one of our awesome Technical Leads for our after-hours and on-call teams. He makes sure his team is addressing and solving after-hours tickets in a timely manner so solutions are truly provided 24x7. Not only is he a hard worker with a passion for going the extra mile, but you'll also soon realize his hobbies will put yours to shame. Talking to him is always a pleasure and we're honored by the way Seth pays attention to the little things, all with a smile on his face. He is a pivotal part of our after-hours team and a true foundation to Centre's success.

Like our last @ Centre feature, Seth leads in a way that's contagious, spreading dedication, drive, and positivity with not only his team but anyone who get's the privilege to work with him. Located in the Philippines, Seth makes sure that no matter the hour of need, our customers get their questions answered and their problems solved. While it could've been a challenge to sit down and answer the following questions, Seth's time conscious and layered skills made it a quick and easy process.  The following interview is the only evidence you need to see how Seth handles obstacles to get solutions delivered quickly. Oh, and he's one of the coolest people on our team. Ready to learn more? Meet Seth Sarmiento! 

If you could describe your job using one emoji, which would it be and why? 


An odd one, you might think, but the reason why my emoji is like that is because the spelling of the emoji for me is "DONE SIR" instead of dancer. This is my ultimate principle at work, to always be of help" to answer and reply to every request made "Done Sir"! 

How would you describe your role’s impact on Centre customers?

As a technical team lead, I am in charge of overseeing all tickets submitted by clients in order to meet deadlines and address all of their concerns and issues, as well as managing each of our personnel to ensure that our Centre customers receive quality service, that can even resolve complex issues, as we adhere to the best practices a client support service can offer.

At work, I intendedly stem my joy and passion from two primary sources: the positive outcomes(learning and growth) and the small acts of kindness. Positive outcomes include moments like correctly diagnosing a client’s concern according to the posting of the ticket or from the calls received from the client deriving to the exact resolution that will promote customers satisfaction and confidence on their IT support system. It’s immensely satisfying to contribute to someone’s technical concern through accurate technical assessments. Additionally, witnessing a client satisfaction review through your assigned tech resources on your team whom you have mentored and lead to succeed—whether by technical advice or by bridging other support to help him/her out —it fills me with happiness and value as a team lead.

I enjoy and love it because the skills I learn at work can be utilized effectively and tactically in real-world situations. For example, the ticketing system for each concern/problem once followed the concepts of coming up with and focusing solely on the solution. It also educates you as a person to avoid dwelling on the problem and instead focus on the solution. My interests helped form me intellectually and physically. I'm also an OCR runner and ultramarathon athlete. I intentionally chose it to contrast with the nature of my employment as an IT practitioner. It helps a lot, serve as my outlet to counter stress from work. 


 It’s immensely satisfying to contribute to someone’s technical concern through accurate technical assessments. Additionally, witnessing a client satisfaction review through your assigned tech resources on your team whom you have mentored and lead to succeed—whether by technical advice or by bridging other support to help him/her out —it fills me with happiness and value as a team lead. 

Seth Sarmiento

After-Hours Lead Consultant at Centre Technologies 


If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?  

Australia since my parents and siblings live there. They moved there a while back - my father (located in Adelaide) and sister (based in Melbourne) were employed directly from their jobs. They've lived there since September 2006, therefore they're all Australian citizens already. Together with my two brothers, who are also stationed in Adelaide, South Australia. 

I have three siblings (a girl and two boys), and as the eldest, I am the only one who lives in the Philippines to manage and look over our properties here in the Philippines.

My favorite thing to do in Australia is to run on the beach and crabbing on their Jetties as I also do my routinely cardio activities.

If you could play one game for the rest of your life, which one and why? 

Chess, because it's mindfully tactical, strategical where you can also challenge imaginary opponents to epic battles.

Personally, in the intricate dance of chess, every move carries significance. That as a result, I have been thinking about the implications and moves I need to make in response to the what-ifs of my actions numerous times. In essence and practice, chess is more than a game to me; it's a symphony, a conflict, a synthesis of intellect and human soul. 

In your own words, how would you describe Centre’s differentiators?

Aside from providing a robust 24x7 support system, our primary goal is to prioritize our clients' technical requirements with laser concentration. We achieve this by facilitating effective communication between the client and our service center, consistently committing to delivering the best service possible.

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was young, I aspired to be a multipurpose, well-rounded engineer. My purpose was to help others, learn from their experiences, and make their lives easier. Now that I'm an adult, I work as a lead support person, managing technical staff and communicating with clients to completely understand their needs.

How would you describe the #ONETEAM culture at Centre?

Despite being physically apart and belonging to different nationalities and cultures and despite being separated by location and time, all of us on the 24/7 team share a one goal: to provide the highest quality service to all of our clients and to always exceed any expectations, thereby bringing agility to the #ONETEAM culture at Centre.

Thank you, Seth, for the ways in which you make people feel understood and provided for. Thank you for leading well. We are in awe of the way you contribute to and make Centre the best it can be. We're honored to have you on our #ONETEAM. 

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Originally published on March 12, 2024

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