Reduce TCO with Cloud or Converged Infrastructure

How can you reduce TCO, or total cost of ownership? In one word: Simplification.

Bulky, disorganized, and excessive IT infrastructure is the leading culprit of high TCO for the modern business. Every business is trying to find the combination of saving money while still operating at maximum capacity to serve their growing customer base. Your local IT solutions provider can provide options for reducing your TCO based on your business’s operational needs.

After calculating TCO for your business’s IT infrastructure, determine whether it would be more cost-effective to own your IT infrastructure in-house, or to outsource it to an IT solutions provider.

  • Converged infrastructure can reduce TCO for in-house IT infrastructure by streamlining storage, operations, and management.
  • Hosted Services can reduce TCO for businesses who want to shift the hardware costs to a trusted IT provider.

Reduce TCO with Converged Infrastructure

Converged infrastructure packages servers, virtualization software, networking, and storage into a single point of orchestration while still optimizing all areas of your business. When you simplify your in-house IT with converged infrastructure, you use less resources to achieve more output.

  • Consolidated hardware means less physical storage space is needed to house hardware.
  • Central management of your IT saves money on staffing.
  • Optimized network and storage allows your IT to operate more efficiently with less network resources.

Hand Over the Cost of Ownership with Hosted Services

Simplify your IT infrastructure and reduce your TCO by renting someone else’s. Hosted Services, also known as cloud services, can reduce TCO by moving ownership of essential hardware to an IT solutions provider. For a fixed, monthly cost, hosted services allow your business to reduce TCO.

  • Hardware and upgrade costs belong to your provider, not to you.
  • Reduce downtime in the event of a disaster, saving you thousands of dollars in downtime losses.
  • Avoid under or over-utilization by using as little or as much cloud resources as you need based on your package.
  • Your IT solutions provider monitors, secures, and updates all required software and security.

Reduce TCO with solutions from Centre Technologies

You have options with your IT infrastructure. If you’re ready to reduce TCO for your business while simultaneously optimizing it, contact a certified consultant at Centre Technologies at 281-506-2480.

Originally published on August 27, 2014

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