4 ways that Network Security is Just Like Hunting

On the surface, hunting and network security seem to be worlds apart. But despite the obvious differences, both activities emerged from the basic needs to maintain safety and manage the uncertainty of our environment. This similarity can give us a lot of insight into the most important aspects of partnering to secure and protect your business.

1 – Preparation

Hunting and network security are both all about preparation.  When you enter the field, it is critical that you know your environment and have the right tools, the right training, and the right abilities for a successful and safe hunt. All of those things contribute to how well you’ve prepared for both the expected and the unexpected. Without the correct preparation, you will fail.  We never stop researching latest technologies and techniques; we only partner with only best-of-breed IT manufacturers; and we only hire the most capable and passionate talent to plan and deliver service you can trust. Why? We want to be the best, so that we are prepared to never let you down.


2 –  Equipment

Just as weather changes on the fly and your game may become wise to the hunter’s position, technology evolves and changes over time. If you don’t keep your hunting gear of choice up-to-date, there’s a chance you’ll miss the mark and go home empty-handed or even injured.  Let’s face it, you don’t hunt with a musket anymore for good reason, and we don’t let our technology go out-of-date because our mission is to give our clients the best protection available. Monitoring the performance, risks and demands on your network is essential in a sound approach for maintaining strong and effective business security.


3 – It’s a Waiting Game

When you move into position to hunt, you assemble your rig as stealthily as possible and when you’re set-up and prepared to hunt, you don’t just start firing at everything that comes along. You have to save your shots and wait for the big game to reveal themselves - and when you least expect it, they enter on their own terms. Your network security faces the same unpredictability. You can’t predict when or how hackers and viruses might enter your environment, but having a plan of action gives you the edge. If and when they do attack, we’ll be ready with the right tools, experience and preparation to preserve your resources, protect your data and maximize uptime.


4 – Accuracy and Skill

Even the best and most seasoned marksman can miss a shot and make critical errors on a hunt.  The great outdoors is a complex environment that demands time and experience to learn what works and how to react in every situation. When it’s time to pull the trigger, you don’t just grab your weapon and start firing. Your chances of hitting the target increase with practice and exposure to the reality of the hunt.  Your business network is full of variables and uncertainty, so experience counts even more when your network is under attack by an outside source. It takes years of training to become an expert and perfect the skills for protecting and defending your data.

At Centre Technologies, we pride ourselves on our combined years of expertise and training in network security -- and our ability to share that knowledge to meet your goals. You can feel safer knowing that whatever challenge you may encounter with your network, we’ll be there to meet it head on and tackle the issue with the best skill in the industry.  You see, hunting and network security have a lot in common. From the preparation to the equipment, not to mention the focus and the skills needed to succeed, they seem a lot alike.  In fact, the differences are still obvious but one stands out. Hunting is just for fun today but your network security is one of the most critical elements of doing business. You don’t want to face the uncertainty without a crack team that can handle even the most unexpected network security issues and maintain their aim to secure your business.

Originally published on April 27, 2017

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