What to Look For in Your IT Support

Your IT is the lifeblood of your company. If it goes down, chances are high that your business productivity will suffer and you will have to take a break until your IT is back up and running. Because of how vital IT is for a business, quality IT support is necessary. What makes IT support of great quality? Here are some aspects to consider:


First, what specific services are you looking for in your IT support? Are you looking for cloud services? VoIP? Virtualization? A 24/7 help desk? A professional to answer all of your questions? A physical fix to your broken IT?

Whatever it is, make sure whoever you’re looking at has what you’re looking for, and if their services are offered in a specific manner, will they be flexible and cater to you and how your unique business works? Will they be able to scale with you when your business is successful and growing? Also, are they affordable?

Reputation and Reliability

When looking at an IT company, what do their clients say about them? Do they have proven results? Do they have any guarantees? Check out their websites for any testimonials they may have, or call them up! We love to chat with potential clients here at Centre Technologies. Your money and your time is valuable, so you want to make sure you’re going somewhere trustworthy and beneficial the first time.


Is the chosen company you’re looking at interested in being more than just a managed services provider (MSP)? Are they making an effort to get to know your business and its goals, or are they just trying to patch up your network and give you the services you need ASAP, then leave? It’s important that your MSP goes that extra step of becoming your IT partner. Why? Well, first, that means that they truly care about you and your success. Second, this partnership can be very advantages for your success. For example, as your partner, we can help out with strategic planning or custom design services to your unique business goals. There are a lot of possibilities. In general, though, if the MSP you’re looking at doesn’t want to become your partner, chances are lower of receiving quality services.
So, what’re you waiting for? At Centre Technologies, we offer the quality IT support we just discussed, and more. Contact us today to see!

Originally published on January 5, 2017

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