Accelerating Productivity by Simplifying Backups

Published on June 25, 2020

Centre delivered a hybrid solution to a customer in the Manufacturing industry in need of faster, better backups resulting in lower costs and workforce requirements.


Overcome Complexity

Business recently accumulated a hodge-podge of systems and needed to cut the cost and complexity of its environment. Core IT processes like backing up and restoring software updates from the file level and make life easier for both their software engineers and customers.


Consolidate and Simplify Backups

Centre solution experts consulted and implemented Datrium’s proven Hyper- Converged (HCI) storage and backup solution to simplify equipment, optimize costs, and reduce downtime and issues. Moving to the Datrium platform saved critical time and effort for both software engineers and IT with faster management and access tools—enabling them to focus on future instead of reacting to issues.

80% reduction in equipment, 60% fewer issues with servers and files, 75% less downtime, 80% less time spent managing systems


Strategic vs. Tactical

With Centre’s strategic IT blueprint and the addition of Datrium’s platform, this customer is now able to focus on keeping IT proactive in the business, instead of reacting to fires. Accelerated productivity, and a scalable platform for future growth, provides the CIO more time and focus to implement the bigger vision for the organization.

"Datrium is one of the best systems I have seen in my 38 years as an IT professional. Our results have been awesome, and Datrium is a big part of our future plans."


IT Manager

Leading provider of order fulfillment and automation systems

About this Manufacturing Customer
Leading provider of Intelligent Order Fulfillment and receiving automation solutions for retail, warehouse, and pharmacy operations. Receiving solutions including patented Intelligent Box Opening Devices, Intelligent Flexible Powered Conveyors, and Intelligent Sortation for Receiving.

About Datrium
Datrium is transforming Disaster Recovery with its cloud-native design, built-in backup, instant RTO, and on-demand model. Datrium’s award- winning platform natively converges DR, backup, primary storage, mobility, and encryption into a single platform. Datrium’s resilient DHCI system combines the durability of SANs with the simplicity of HCI, increases performance, and integrates seamlessly with DRaaS.

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