Recovery and Accessibility following Weather Disaster

This non-profit community organization needed to minimize damage and downtime after an extreme weather event. Centre's assistance in relocating their systems and the backup services they had been receiving helped get them up and running quickly and efficiently. 

Statistics showing 48HR back to normal operations with 100% Data Recovery


Weather Disaster Prompts Urgency  

A tornado in the greater Dallas area severely damaged the organization's roof, leaving their data centers, hardware, and other technology exposed to further destruction by the elements. Fortunately, the organization had already been using Centre Technologies as an MSP, and they could immediately enlist their help for an efficient and comprehensive response. 



Cloud Backups and Rebuilding IT Environment 

Centre's cloud backup services delivered peace of mind to the customer that their information and applications would remain accessible no matter the condition of their IT hardware. However, the organization still wanted to preserve their IT infrastructure to avoid spending on new systems. Centre assisted in moving the organization's IT environment to another location and setting them up to resume work and minimize downtime. Within 48 hours they were up and running from backups in their new location. 

“Our goal was to get them set up and connected to resume operations as fast as possible. We were able to move quickly because we already knew their IT environment as their managed service provider." 


Account Executive  

Centre Technologies



Building it Back Better 

The organization enlisted Centre again in moving and setting up their IT infrastructure once their property was fixed.  Centre also optimized their environment during the rebuild by implementing HPE Nimble Storage, a storage solution which promotes application availability and recovery. Moving forward, this organization should subscribe to Centre DRaaS, or Disaster Recovery solutions, for a more efficient and guaranteed response after a disastrous event. 


About this Non-Profit Customer 
This organization serves its community through educational, cultural, and recreational programs and events. Their mission is to empower and positively impact their members through leadership and financial support as well as philanthropy and volunteering. 

About Centre Cloud Backups
Centre consultants maximize data retention with continuous and verified backups. Managed backup and data protection solutions from Centre support business continuity and enable your organization to recover quickly after a disaster.

About Centre IT  Consulting 
Organizations partner with Centre to remove friction and achieve their business goals faster with secure and efficient IT solutions. Centre’s IT consulting services deliver operational efficiency and digital transformation through specialized expertise and innovative technologies.

Originally published on June 30, 2021

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