Disaster Recovery Plan Like a Pro

What is a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Much like emergency plans are meant to keep order in the real world, a disaster recovery plan is used to preserve the IT infrastructure of a company in the event of a catastrophe. These plans are organized strategies that are put into place when an unplanned event compromises or threatens your company’s networks, hardware, software, and even people. Having a disaster recovery plan including step-by-step procedures for recovering networks, servers, and security features is crucial during natural disasters such as fires, hurricanes, or earthquakes – as well as man-made disasters like power failure or terrorist attacks.

No one enjoys thinking about what they would do in these situations, but having a plan is essential to ensuring the continuity of your business and maintaining the integrity of your IT infrastructure.

How to Plan for the Worst

Like any insurance plan, there is no “right” kind of disaster recovery plan or one uniform approach. However, there are three basic policies that can be found in disaster recovery plans: Preventative Measures; Detective Measures; and Corrective Measures.

  • Preventative Measures are put in place to identify and reduce risks, as well as restrict the likelihood of preventable disasters. Preventative measures include onsite generators, surge protectors, and offsite data backup, as well as security monitoring and fire suppression systems.
  • Detective Measures aim to identify unwanted problems within the IT infrastructure before a more serious event can occur. These can include antivirus software and firewalls, as well as practical approaches, such as fire alarms.
  • Corrective Measures are put in place to restore a system after a disaster occurs, and works to minimize the loss and damage done to the IT infrastructure. This can include backup and disaster recovery services and insurance policies.

Company leadership should work with IT systems to complete a risk assessment to determine which elements of the infrastructure are the most crucial to business performance. Once this is done, companies can create preventative controls, recovery strategies, and IT contingency plans.                       

How We Can Help

With Centre’s Disaster Recovery as an included service, you can ensure your business will be able to recover data and assets in the event of a natural disaster or system failure. Accelerated recovery services offered by MSP’s will help you continue business operations as quickly as possible while limiting losses in revenue and operational costs. Let's talk today about how Centre can help you.