Four Disaster Videos That Show the Importance of DR

Posted by Centre on June 1, 2015

The earth itself is unstable by nature (by default, our world is a round blue ball hurtling and spinning in space around the sun). Despite the natural threats everyday geography throws, humans are a resilient species that have found ways to triumph over nature’s adversities and get comfortable with daily life.

Sometimes, unfortunately, business owners can get a little too comfortable.

Have a quick look as these disaster videos to remind yourself why you need to invest in a DRP, or disaster recovery plan.

Disaster Video #1: Commercial Fire in a Strip Mall

In 2011, KCRA News reported a commercial fire in a Sacramento strip mall. The video shows flames rampaging through the length of the strip, consuming several businesses in its path. Imagine how much assets those businesses lost to the fire. If your organization were struck by a fire from a neighboring business today, would your digital assets survive? Do you have contingency plans to operate while your building is being repaired?

Disaster Video #2: Devastating Flash Flood Damage

In this disaster video, you can see drone footage of the severe 2015 flooding at Houston's Buffalo Bayou and Allen Parkway. Streets turned into rivers, swallowing businesses and flooding even the Galleria. Does your business keep an in-house datacenter below ground level? Do you have any files or storage in subterranean spaces? Take a moment to assess how well your business can handle an intense flood. If you have experienced damage in a flood, take a moment to consider how you can quickly replace or repair your infrastructure's hardware.

Disaster Video #3: Compilation of Powerful Tornado Damage

Tornados are a very real reality for businesses in Texas and Louisiana. This disaster video from National Geographic shows a montage of these deadly wind-storms tearing up countryside and cities alike. When selecting a colocation/secondary datacenter, choose a Tier 4 facility that’s in a geographically safe area. Your IT solutions partner should have a relationship with a colocation partner that has additional locations in “tornado-safe” areas in or out-of-state.

Disaster Video #4: Hurricane Ike Storm Surges Drown Businesses

Hurricane Ike devastated Galveston in 2008 and knocked out power throughout the Houston metro. This raw video of the Hurricane Ike storm surges against the Galveston Seawall should remind you that hurricanes are merciless and able to damage hundreds of establishments before they dissipate. The combination of wind and flood damage is enough to knock out even the most resilient of businesses, even if only temporarily. Be ready with a business continuity plan before the Gulf Coast hurricane season starts.

Don’t Be Scared, Be Prepared with a DRP/BCP

Don’t wait until your organization can star in a YouTube-worthy disaster video to start planning your business continuity plans. If you want the security of knowing your organization’s data will be safe, even after a worst-case natural disaster, contact Centre Technologies for more information today.

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