How to Find Warranty and License Renewal Info with Local IT Services

Software license management can feel like a hassle, especially if you are dealing with several types of technology. It includes the processes and tools used to document the software you are using. Not only will it show which products those are, but also how they are being used. This means that you are going to have to ensure that you are complying with every end-user license agreement at all times.

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For those using a provider, keeping up with contract renewals is a critical role that should be described in your managed IT service package. The streamlined process behind this is known as contract lifecycle management. Your organization can experience adverse effects if warranties and licenses aren’t responded to in a timely fashion. A good managed IT service provider won’t let you take that hit. Here are a few ways that renewal tracking improves the state of your organization.


Better IT Vendor Management and Value

Save time and money by adopting a managed IT service package. With reputable IT vendors already at the provider’s disposal, they will act as a single point of contact. This is important because it means you get the right vendors without the stress of researching who those right vendors could be. And you don’t have to keep track of too many names.

Go into your IT strategy with clearly conveyed expectations and measurable goals. Once your managed service provider (MSP) has set you up with those vendors, you can start achieving business objectives in a more streamlined way. Having a strong relationship with them will result in a reduction of the risk of supply chain disruption.


Optimize Performance with an Organized Inventory

An MSP won’t let your coverage lapse. In order to keep track of your warranties and licenses, they will optimize your usage through constant monitoring and reducing your overall IT expenditure. Plus, they will make sure you are always aligned with software compliance rules.

To do this, a compliance audit must be run. This is necessary because you need to be aware of the license entitlements and installations under your business’s name. If your organization isn’t being compliant, it will likely be due to inadvertent misuse. Many organizations lack the systems to manage IT assets. Luckily, with an MSP in your back pocket, this won’t be an issue.


Improve Security and Measure Success

By tracking your licenses, your provider will identify any unauthorized software that is running on your systems. Dealing with a software breach can cause failures and affect your protected information. Hackers could then sell that information on the dark web, and you may not even realize it. Your MSP should be monitoring the dark web to ensure that isn’t the case.

The good news is that managed IT service packages come with vulnerability scans, security risk assessments, and malware protection. Through the cloud, your MSP can remotely take care of any problems that may arise. This makes for more efficient management of your systems which, in turn, leads to more efficient management of your organization.


Expertise for Maintaining and Supporting Systems

Once upon a time, you had a pay a fee for an IT service after something went wrong. This is a reactive approach to maintaining your IT infrastructure. Today, in the age of digital transformation, we see that relying on break/fix services for your problems is a thing of the past. You need a proactive approach, instead. Using an MSP gives you more high-end IT solutions, all day, every day. That being said, when your provider regularly maintains your software, needing support is much less of a concern. Letting your tech go outdated could be one of your biggest downfalls as an organization.

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Originally published on April 7, 2022

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