Introducing: Centre Assist

For the past 5 years, Centre has been offering Managed Services to our valued clients. In that time, we’ve expanded and added more value to our offering as we’ve grown as a company.

To symbolize what we do, we’ve decided to invest in a new look and a new name for our Managed Services offering – Centre Assist.

Same plans. Same support. Same promise. Better name.

What is Centre Assist?

Centre Assist was designed to reflect Centre’s growth and to convey the relationship between our certified consultants and our clients.

We provide enterprise-level methodologies and best-of-breed technology from our C-stack paired with around-the-clock technical support.

In other words, we’re always there to assist you with your IT needs.

What Makes Centre Assist Different Than Other Managed Services Providers?

When it comes to managed services, few companies can deliver as well as Centre. We provide unparalleled value and support integrating our entire suite of support, remediation, proactive maintenance, monitoring, reporting and security into your business.

  • Availability: When you call, you’ll immediately speak to a Consultant who is ready and able to support you, no middle man.
  • Certified Consultants: Our support team goes above the typical IT technician. We’re always there to offer you the best solution, instead of band-aids fixes.
  • Response Times: We know your time is valuable, and we respond to help tickets in an average of less than 20 minutes.
  • Performance Metric: We measure our success based on a decrease in customer-submitted tickets while increasing proactive ticket rate. In other words, we pride ourselves in and measure our performance by the number of tickets you DON’T send us.
  • Ongoing Support: Our team is dedicated to offering enterprise-level support through skilled project management, ensuring that you are getting the services we promised.
  • Visibility: We provide visibility through CMAC, our portal that allows clients to view the overall performance of their infrastructure.
  • Value-added Partner: You are not just a ticket to us. We shake hands with our clients and offer services with your specific needs in mind. Though we aim to know your computer – we take pride in knowing your business.

Choose Centre Assist as Your Value-Added Partner

Imagine having the convenience of hassle-free IT backed by certified consultants, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Let Centre Assist take on your IT pains so that you can concentrate on what matters most: focusing on your core business.

Are you ready to offload your IT to certified consultants? Choose Centre Technologies as your Value-Added Partner. Contact us today.

Originally published on November 11, 2015

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