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August 16, 2022

Employee Awareness is the Best Protection Against Cyber Threats

What your employees don’t know about cyber security could hurt you — and your organization. A recent study of data breaches ...
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August 16, 2022

Hacked Passwords

We try to make our lives simpler by using online passwords that are easy to remember or having the same ones across multiple ...
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August 16, 2022

Top Executive Pursues Texas Managed Services Provider

HOUSTON, TEXAS – August 16th, 2022 – Michele Blest joins the rapidly growing Texas Managed Services Provider, Centre ...
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August 10, 2022

Cloud Desktops and Security for CPA Firms in San Antonio

The benefits of cloud computing for a CPA firm are many. This highly acclaimed San Antonio CPA firm knew that migrating to the ...
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July 29, 2022

Utilizing the Cloud for Data Backup Disaster and Recovery

The amount of data we create is increasing at a breathtaking rate. By 2025, global data consumption and creation are projected ...
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July 27, 2022

Cloud Computing and Compliance for Financial Services in San Antonio

As a financial services company in San Antonio, maintaining FINRA and SEC compliance is crucial. This investment advisory firm ...
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July 21, 2022

Can Your Personal Information and Identity Be Stolen at Work?

Your identity has a lot of value, especially in the wrong hands. As unfortunate as it is, employers  have a lot to do with the ...
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July 19, 2022

How Hackers Get Around Your Firewall and Anti-Virus

Cybercrime is at an all-time high, and hackers are setting their sights on small and medium businesses who are “low hanging ...
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July 15, 2022

Desktop Services and Cybersecurity for San Antonio Law Firms

It is essential for San Antonio law firms to have a reliable IT infrastructure, for everyday operations as well as attracting ...
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July 14, 2022

Email Security for SMBs: How Safe is Your Email?

Email is (and has been) a prime method of communication for businesses of all sizes. With email comes a whole slew of issues ...
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July 13, 2022

Centre Technologies Acquires TXSG, Austin-based IT Managed Service Provider

AUSTIN, TEXAS – July 13th, 2022 – Centre Technologies, Texas’ leading full-service IT consulting and managed services ...
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July 12, 2022

Solutions for Improving Company Computer Speed

Sometimes when your workstation feels bogged down, a relatively cheap and simple hardware update can make a huge difference in ...
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