Texas IT Company Launches Podcast to Help Small Businesses

A Texas IT Company, Centre Technologies, is transforming the tech podcast game with its newly released technology podcast, “When Bits Hit the Fan.” This tech news podcast is created for business owners by IT professionals aiming to bridge the communication gap. Or, as best described in its tagline, "We keep an eye on the tech news, so you don’t have to. But when bits hit the fan, we bring the tech news to you”.

"When Bits Hit the Fan" focuses on big picture business objectives- highlighting how businesses can utilize tech news to gather important insights on business amid an ever-evolving tech landscape. 

With this insight, business owners can stay sharp on several IT-related topics without getting lost in the technicalities of the industry. Centre Technologies' own James Shuler and Taylor Uden, the hosts of the podcast, avoid tech jargon-laden monologues to inform business leaders on how to best capitalize on what's available to them through their IT department. While James Shuler simplifies the nearly a decade of industry knowledge, Taylor Uden brings a more relatable voice to the mic. Taylor voices what tips, tricks, and advice have helped her broaden her IT industry knowledge without ever working in IT. 

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Technology Topics Presented in a Way That Business Leaders Can Understand

"When Bits Hit the Fan" distinguishes itself amongst tech podcasts by discussing tech topics from a digestible, vocational standpoint. It not only keeps business owners updated about the latest and the greatest in tech news, but also communicates the why, when, and how to solve business problems with technology solutions.

Each podcast episode features a brief and insightful 10-minute conversation between Centre Technologies' own James Shuler and Taylor Uden, in addition to guests. "We wanted to extend a helping hand to those who make decisions in the company and equip them with just enough IT knowledge that they could engage in a conversation with their IT team and know what's what. They'd know what questions to ask the IT team, how to evaluate their IT strategy, and can stay ahead of the curve by understanding how seemingly irrelevant tech news ends up impacting business in everyday life." remarks James Shuler on the idea behind the podcast.


Having a podcast that approaches complex technology topics from a 30,000-foot view helps both startups and executives understand how technology can enable operational efficiency.

Todd Swaney
Chief Operations Officer at Centre Technologies


What Business Leaders Can Expect to Gain by Tuning in to the Podcast

This podcast will cover news about emerging tech solutions, insights on how to hold the IT department accountable, and tips on ways to avoid poor technology investments. These discussions aim to encourage business owners to solve new, evolving problems better.

"When Bits Hit the Fan" is published bi-weekly and available on various podcast platforms, like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

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Originally published on November 2, 2021

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