Things You SHOULD NOT Cut When You Want to Reduce TCO

Posted by Centre on September 3, 2014

4 Things You Shouldn't Cut to Reduce TCO

It is every business owner’s dream to cut costs while increasing profit. Many business owners are tempted to take short cuts, or to cut services in order to reduce TCO for their IT infrastructure. Unfortunately, some of the cuts you make today may cost your business more money in the long term. The following article will discuss 4 things you definitely should NOT cut from your IT infrastructure.

Technical Training and Compliance

You must remember not to skimp on training your employees and enforcing compliance to the Acceptable Use Policy, especially when your company decides to cut costs with by implementing a BYOD policy. Training your employees on how to use your company’s technological assets will result in more secure practices that ensure long-term savings.


You have more options now than ever for data storage solutions. Short of printing excess files onto paper and hiding them in your employee’s filing cabinets, the only other worst possible thing to do with your data is store them in insecure public clouds, old servers, or on flash drives.


The lifeblood of your business is your data and customer information. Do not compromise it by settling for sub-par security, or worse, no security at all. Security breaches compromise the integrity of your business and can lead to thousands of dollars in loss over one incident. Free security software may be good enough to protect your home computer, but your business requires licensed, regularly updated security software for optimal protection and to reduce TCO.

Network Design

Do not underestimate the power of simplicity: it simultaneously optimizes your network while allowing you to reduce TCO. Additionally, strong network design created and implemented by an experienced IT solutions provider, is proven to boost your company’s performance while reducing the need for additional network resources, storage, or equipment.

Your IT Solutions Provider Can Reduce TCO without Compromising Your Budget

As a business ourselves, we understand the obstacles that you are facing. Centre’s IT solutions are designed to reduce the long term costs of owning IT. If you are ready to learn about our many solutions to reduce TCO for your IT infrastructure, contact us directly today.

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