How Local IT Support for Healthcare Enables Industry-Wide Digital Transformation

Businesses everywhere are feeling the pressure when it comes to digital transformation. In today’s fast-paced, tech-driven world, keeping up with all of the digital trends can feel overwhelming. That said, modern-day enterprises must be able to select the right technologies to invest in and ensure that their teams are on board with any changes in order to be successful. For firms that wish to stay competitive in today’s market, this translates letting go of outdated business processes and accepting a little bit of disruption to yield big results.

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While every business is facing the challenges associated with ever-evolving technology, organizations in the medical sector are especially affected. For those in the healthcare industry, the impact of digital transformation goes far beyond streamlining processes for the sake of cost reduction and efficiency; it means better care for patients.

Enabling every successful digital transformation is a healthy, stable IT infrastructure. Because IT support for healthcare helps to ensure proper maintenance of that infrastructure, it has played a significant role in allowing healthcare organizations to smoothly transition into a better way of doing things without disturbing their everyday operations. Read on as we explore a few of the ways that healthcare IT support is enabling an industry-wide digital transformation.


On-Demand Healthcare is in Demand.

Being on-demand is usually synonymous with service delivery that is most convenient for the consumer. Just like in other sectors, on-demand services in healthcare are a popular choice for patients with busy lives. Besides accommodating people’s schedules, a huge perk for using on-demand healthcare is that it allows physicians to provide their specialized expertise and talents to people in specific circumstances, making it easier to more accurately diagnose and effectively treat patients.

If you’re seeking to digitally transform your practice into one that can support on-demand healthcare services, you should consider whether your network is equipped to handle virtual doctor appointments and always-on online bookings. Third-party healthcare IT support can provide a strong foundation for the IT infrastructure that is needed to support a remote staff, along with the proactive and reactive support that is required to run a medical facility with confidence.


Big Data is a Big Deal.

Big data in the healthcare sector can provide several benefits, including:

  • Lower rate of medication errors:
    By analyzing patient records, software can flag any disparities between drug prescriptions and a patient’s health to alert health professionals when there is a potential risk for a medication error.
  • Facilitating preventative care:
    According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, up to 28 percent of people that visit emergency rooms are recurring patients. By analyzing big data, practices can identify these people and medical professionals can create preventative plans to keep them from returning.
  • More Accurate Staffing:
    Big data’s predictive analysis has the potential to help hospitals and clinics estimate future admission rates, which means that they can more accurately allocate the appropriate number of staff members to handle patients at any given time. This can lower emergency room wait times due to understaffing, as well as prevent overstaffing to help practices save money.

Clearly, healthcare organizations and pharmaceutical companies have a lot to gain from analyzing big data. That said, there is more to big data the analysis; you must also be able to organize, store, and protect it. Keeping patient data and other sensitive information secure can be challenging, so it is often best to hire an IT provider that is well-versed with HIPAA standards and offers layered cybersecurity solutions. It may also be wise to enlist your provider’s help in developing a strong business continuity and disaster recovery plan to keep your data safe and accessible should a crisis occur.

If you are drowning in the midst of a digital transformation or you’re thinking about making the transition in the near future, don’t go it alone. At Centre Technologies, we have experience assisting several healthcare clients execute their digital transformations from start to finish with grace. We can help you maintain a healthy IT infrastructure and implement a robust, HIPAA-compliant security program to protect your valuable data through our healthcare IT support services so that you can focus on what matters most: providing the best possible care for your patients. See how we can support your healthcare facility’s digital transformation by contacting us today.

Originally published on May 21, 2021

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