What Does it Take to be a HIPAA Compliant Technology Company?

Modern IT solutions companies have to know their clients’ business needs, inside and out, and not just any technology company in Houston can serve the needs of a medical institution.

Houston-based attorney at law, Rachel V. Rose, JD, MBA, discusses what HIPAA is for, the basics of HIPAA legislation, and what HIPAA compliance law covers within the scope of technology.

HIPAA compliance begins with a corporation’s culture, which is fostered by the executive leadership and, in turn, impacts the organization’s risk management plan. Often times, these companies make the preservation of their client’s data in relation to its confidentiality, integrity and availability part of the value statement.

Technology and HIPAA Compliance Legislation

In order to uphold a value statement with these criteria, HIPAA compliant technology companies take several steps. First, they appoint a technology security officer, who has familiarity with the general provisions of the relevant laws, regulations and industry standards. This individual serves as the point person for the organization to make sure that the various administrative, technical and physical standards are being adhered to. Second, they have a good attorney, who is well versed in HIPAA, the HITECH Act and related laws and understands the nuances of the various technologies.

Next, all employees undergo annual training, and individual departments do their part to implement what The Financial Times categorized as items to fight back with in relation to cyber security:

  • Patch software vulnerabilities
  • Require multi factor security login credentials
  • Monitor networks for anomalies
  • Establish clear lines of responsibility for data and network security
  • Educate staff to be alert to phishing emails
  • Tighten control over who has network access
  • Update permitted users when employees leave
  • Protect internal networks from outside connections
  • Segregate and build firewalls around prized information
  • Encrypt valuable data.

While most of these suggestions focus on the technical aspects of compliance, many are also required by the HIPAA regulations. Companies with a strong emphasis on compliance hold regular meetings, hold employees responsible and perform adequate due diligence on all business associates and subcontractors before entering into a business arrangement and executing a business associate agreement (BAA).

In sum, becoming a HIPAA compliant technology company takes strong leadership, detailed policies and procedures, annual risk assessments and the desire to do what is best for both the company and the clients’ data.

Put Your Trust in a HIPAA Compliant Technology Company

Centre Technologies takes compliance seriously and has the best interests of its employees, its reputation and its client on the forefront of every initiative. Contact us today to learn more about our enterprise class security solutions.

Originally published on July 29, 2015

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