Increased Reliability and Scale by Migrating to Microsoft Azure

Published on February 23, 2021

Centre replaced aging hardware with a scalable cloud environment Microsoft Azure, resolving outages caused by lack of network redundancy and datacenter connectivity issues, while also supporting growing applications.

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Aging Hardware Investments

Past CAPEX investments in technology were aging and outdated hardware increased security vulnerabilities. Current environment no longer could sustain demand from growing applications. Additionally, their current datacenter experienced frequent outages resulting in lost productivity and revenue over time.

"Centre’s cloud experts delivered as promised — working through all issues and mentoring us every step of the way."


Development Manager

Leading provider of Point-of-Sale (POS) software and transaction services


Scalable Cloud Infrastructure

Centre utilized Microsoft Azure to manage the customer’s challenges and promote operational efficiency while minimizing costs. Azure, a cloud solution, enabled software applications to scale quickly to support growth and run with greater speed and reliability. Security also improved as vulnerabilities caused by unsupported and outdated hardware were eliminated.


Maximized Cloud ROI

Centre continues to maximize ROI through further cost optimization with increased flexibility by implementing auto-scaling and enabling apps to automatically adjust to changing demand. Next steps also include improving the cloud security with enhanced features to prevent region-wide outages during a disaster recovery scenario.


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Industry-leading provider of POS software solutions for restaurants, streamlining and scaling from a single location to hundreds. Purposely built by restaurant professionals, for restaurant professionals, their POS provides delivery, online ordering, loyalty, management, and payment processing services.

About Microsoft 365
Microsoft Azure™ offers companies a full range of cloud services that are easy to access and user-friendly, whether you want to set up a website, create a database, maintain and administer projects, or even develop, deploy and support custom applications.

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