IT Support Checklist for Law Firms

Technology is essential for any successful law firm in today's digital age. However, as a legal professional, you must focus on what you do best — practice law. With 49% of legal practitioners confirming that technology allows them to focus more on high-level tasks, working with a team of IT experts can produce better results for your firm, managing your technological demands, protecting sensitive data and maintaining regulatory compliance.

IT support can transform your law firm's operations, and consulting with law firm IT support experts boosts productivity and allows your firm to refocus on growth.

What Is IT Support for Law Firms? 

IT support services — or managed service providers (MSPs) — are technical experts managing your daily business continuity. Their services may include network management, cybersecurity, IT support and more. As law firms have a specific set of operating requirements, some MSPs specialize in this area, understanding your needs and working with you to find the best technology to boost your cybersecurity and operational efficiency. 

While many MSPs specialize in IT support for law firms, considerable advantages exist when you partner with local IT law firm solutions in Oklahoma City, including rapid support, a robust cybersecurity profile and access to the latest technology without the upfront expense. 

The Benefits of Technology Solutions for Law Firms

Effective law firm technology has a quantifiable impact on your practice operations. Different firms have unique workflows and requirements, so working with an MSP that understands these and provides support where you need it most is essential. Some of the many benefits of IT support for your law firm include:

1. Robust Cybersecurity

Law firms store and access massive amounts of sensitive data, making them prime targets for cybercriminals. Nearly 60% of employee emails in the first quarter of 2023 had the intention of credential theft, and the increase in remote legal personnel has only amplified these risks. 

MSPs have the skills and experience to strengthen your firm's cybersecurity profile, proactively monitoring your network for threats and containing them before they disrupt your daily operations. As 74% of cyber breaches involve the human element, your MSP will also provide your team with security awareness training, equipping them with the tools to identify and manage phishing attempts.

2. Increased Productivity

Despite their best efforts, lawyers still spend most of their day on non-billable tasks, which significantly impacts business growth. Managed services can automate the laborious technical tasks in your firm, freeing legal personnel to focus on their core functions. They can also help your team leverage the latest technology to optimize client intake and evidence-gathering processes.

3. Improved Accessibility

Legal professionals are constantly moving and must have access to sensitive documents quickly. Managed cloud services for law firms give you access to the information you need and empower your team to collaborate, regardless of location. They can access documents simultaneously with their colleagues, so everyone knows how a case progresses and who's responsible for which tasks.

4. Regulatory Compliance

Legal work requires you to handle highly confidential information. It's heavily regulated, from navigating HIPAA compliance to protecting clients' payment data and personal records. As technology evolves, so does regulatory compliance, making it challenging for busy law firms to prevent data loss in this ever-changing environment.

Your managed service provider has extensive expertise in navigating compliance challenges and can ensure you maintain compliance and avoid repercussions like fines, lost productivity and reputational damage.

5. Frictionless Technical Growth

As your law firm grows, so will your technical needs. Eventually, you reach a point where your current in-house technology can no longer support your growth. Your MSP scales with your business, providing the best possible in real time and bridging the gap so you can keep growing without investing in the latest software and equipment. 

6. 24/7 Support

Legal personnel often work outside of standard office hours. If something urgent comes up, your team may need access to sensitive files. An MSP can provide access from anywhere, around the clock, offering consistent and reliable support whenever needed.

7. Cost Savings

Managed service providers and the IT solutions they bring can save you money. As your MSP uses its hardware and software, you reduce the overhead costs of buying in-house. Access to experts specializing in law firm support means they leverage the latest solutions to ensure your business runs efficiently. Working with an MSP also means reducing the costs of hiring, training and onboarding specialized IT staff.

MSPs can enhance your cybersecurity profile and protect you from a cybersecurity incident's massive financial and reputational damage. The potential savings are considerable, with the average data breach cost at $5.56 million

What to Look for in IT Solutions for Law Firms

Working with an MSP is a partnership — selecting one that understands your operations and objectives is essential to realize the full benefits. Discuss your requirements with your potential MSP and ensure you ask the right questions to find one that works for your firm. Consider the following:

  • Experience in the legal industry: Your MSP should have expertise in various software systems and applications purpose-built for law firms. Establish whether they have existing law firms as clients and ensure they have favorable reviews. 
  • Robust cybersecurity options: Cybersecurity is a critical consideration for law firms, and your MSP should offer multiple layers of protection, proactive monitoring, email and web filters, and detailed cybersecurity awareness training capabilities. 
  • Easy and reliable cloud access: Your team must be able to access the information they need on the go. Ask your potential MSP what cloud options would best suit your firm. 
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity: Regardless of artificial or natural disasters, your team must have constant access to your systems and information. Ask your potential MSP what backup and recovery solutions they offer and what response times you can expect in the event of an IT issue. 
  • Scalability: If your business grows and changes, your MSP must be able to meet your evolving requirements. Ensure they can provide storage that scales with you and access to the latest technology to keep your operations frictionless and effective. 

Find Specialized IT Solutions for Your Law Firm With Centre Technologies

IT services can transform how your law firm operates. Working with an MSP allows your team to focus on the law, confident that the technology behind it is covered. At Centre Technologies, we understand your busy schedule, and we're here to help you keep your sensitive data safe, streamline your workflows and ensure your documentation is accessible.

With 24/7 support, cloud, security and threat remediation services, we are the preferred IT law firm solution in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and beyond. Contact us to learn more about how we can support your law firm with our extensive technical expertise today. 

Originally published on January 18, 2024

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